Instructor Spotlight: Edgar Linzy

Lecture: Beginning Your Genealogy

Edgar Linzy is two years new to genealogy research. For attendees to the Treasure Your Roots conference, expect for him to show how simple and uncomplicated beginning your genealogical research and history can be. His personal genealogical curiosity began less than three years ago. Ironically, it was ignited by a simple question from his granddaughter that he could not answer. The question: “Who am I and where did I come”? Since becoming a member of Black Genealogical Research Group approximately October 2016, tremendous family history has been chronicled. Primarily, the family names being researched are: Hopkins, Wilhite, Cherry, Underwood, Linzy/Lindsey, Durham, Anderson, Rogan, and many tentacles.

          Just months ago, Edgar did not know where to go for his own answers, nor could he help anyone else with how or where – you can move as fast or faster because of information available during the Treasure Your Roots conference.

          Edgar Linzy is a Vietnam era Navy veteran. Married for forty-seven years, with two children and two grandchildren (The granddaughter that started this journey turned ten a couple months ago).

          Edgar Linzy has spent approximately fifty years in various areas of sales, management, training, and leadership, primarily in finance. Over much of the past nine or so years, his professional activities have centered, as a consultant, on recruiting, development, training, and coaching.

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